Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Find below relative frequencies for Sudanese MTDNA from a thesis entitled "Genetic Patterns of Y-chromosome and Mitochondrial DNA Variation, with Implications to the Peopling  of the Sudan", the entire thesis can be downloaded from here. The thesis also includes YDNA data, but those same results have been already covered in this blog post. Additionally, some interesting ancient YDNA data is also included in the thesis.

Note, I wrote a small script that can enable sorting of the relative frequencies by clicking the haplogroups, you can find the script @ JSFiddle, if you find the script useful and would like to use it for other relative frequency charts, please cite the JSFiddle link from above.


  1. Did I totally miss the ancient mtDNA or are you mistaken?

    1. I was mistaken, i confused the ancient YDNA they reported for mtdna, corrected , thanks

  2. It looks like L6 and L3a are possibly the only far Eastern Africa-specific lineages. The rest are all found in the Sudanese.

  3. The entire thesis is well worth reading. It is really, really rich and does a good job integrating the historical context, although the analysis of the results isn't very bold.

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