Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Analyzing YDNA A-M13 lineages in Ethiopian linguistic groups

Similar to the previous analysis of J lineages found in Ethiopia from the Plaster paper, the other prevalent lineage in Ethiopia, A-M13 (formerly known also as A3b2), is also analyzed below. A total of 616 A-M13 lineages were reported in the study, of which ~32% were classified as Semitic speakers, ~40% as Cushitic speakers, ~17% as Omotic speakers and the remainder within the Nilo-Saharan speaking macro-phylum.

The prevalence of Haplogroup A lineages in Ethiopia according to the paper ranges from ~20% in Nilo-Saharan speakers, to about 5% in Omotic speakers, with an intermediate prevalence in Semitic and Cushitic speakers of 16 and 12% respectively.

  • Either due to the limited set of markers or limited sample size, it is hard to say in which lingustic group A-M13 appears oldest in Ethiopia, if the Zhivotovsky rates are taken into account, it looks like the lineage is older in the samples that belong to the Cushitic speaking group, on the other hand, according to the pedigree/familial rates it would be older in the Nilo-Saharan speakers
  • On the basis of a crude average for the TMRCA's generated using both types of rates and for the specific groups listed above, the A-M13 lineage appears from oldest to youngest in this order; Anuak > Amhara > Gedeo > Nuer > Shekecho > Alaba > Agew_Sem > Kefa > Oromo > Agew_Cush > Tigray > Wolayta . 
  • More details of the analysis can be found here

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