Friday, April 4, 2014

Median Joining Networks

This post will be dedicated to YSTR median joining networks I will be creating using the Fluxus Network Software©

The  Y TMRCA calculator now also has the capability to create the input file necessary to create median joining networks using the Fluxus Network Software, see here for more details.

This blog-post will be updated routinely with network diagrams as I make more of them, since I do not have access to the Network Publisher  add-on, it takes a considerable amount of time to properly format the diagrams.

I will start with Ethiopian E-M34 data from the Plaster thesis, see also the following post for more detail on Ethiopian E-M34: YDNA E-M123; A closer look 

14-Marker J-M267 haplotypes from the Plaster Thesis, see this post for TMRCA results :

E-Z830* Clusters from Haplozone site

E_V32 from Plaster (14 markers)

A3b2 from Plaster (14 markers)

E-M2 Haplotypes from FTDNA Project page

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