Friday, December 3, 2010

YDNA Haplogroup Distribution in Ethiopia

Last Updated: 05/06/2011
To  date, there has been 609 males from Ethiopia SNP tested for YDNA assignment.
According to the lowest common denominator of SNPs tested, the YDNA haplogroup breakdown for all the 609 Ethiopians tested thus far sorted from highest frequency to lowest is as follows:
E-M78 19.5%
A3b2/A3a/A3* 16.8%
E-M215/M35 * 16.4%
J1-M267 14.4%
E-PN2 */M329 9.9%
E*/M33 5.4%
T 4.1%
E-M123 3.9%
E2 3.1%
J2 2.5%
B*/B2a 2.3%
E-M2 0.7%
F*(x J,T) 0.7%
E-M281 0.3%

See the graphic below for further breakdown of the YDNA haplogroups between the major Afroasiatic Language groups found in Ethiopia and also the Beta Israel (Ethiopian Jews).

Note that the breakdown between Cushitic speakers and Semitic speakers from Moran et. al 2004 are obtained from an Email correspondence with the authors and was not specified in the actual study.

Below find the actual SNPS tested in Macro-Haplogroup E in Ethiopia to date. Note that Tromebetta '11 configuration for E1b1 phylogeny is not reflected (yet) in this graphic. For up to date Configuration of E1b1 configuration look at wikipedia articles Re: E1b1/b.

All the sources for the data are shown in the graphic and also can be downloaded from here: